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Chemical Peels

Want to know the secret to glowing skin? Try Chemical Peels Newport Beach! Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with monthly chemical peels.

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The aging process can cause your skin to become lax, pigmented and rough. The assualt form sun exposure and the environment just adds to the problem. Aging is inevitable but the VI Peel can make a difference in as little as 7 days. More than 10 years of experience with satisfied patients across the world!
VI Peel before and after photoSpecifically formulated to rejuvenate aging skin and help prevent future damage.
  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restore a more even skin tone
  • Smooths away rough skin texture
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How Chemical Peels Work

Chemical peels are typically given as a facial peel.  The chemical solution is spread across the face.  Depending on the solution used, the peel will affect the very top layers of skin.  More severe treatments can be applied to affect deeper layers of the skin. Newport Advanced Aesthetics uses the more gentle chemical peels that require less downtime. Chemical peels literally peel away the top layers of skin, to reveal younger, fresher skin. Chemical peels have the ability to eliminate imperfections such as sunspots and acne scars.

One advantage of chemical peels is it takes advantage of our natural biological process that is constantly at work in our bodies. Skin constantly regenerates itself and as our upper layers are shed, new layers are formed. in fact, we shed our entire skin about once a month, and as fast as we shed these cells, our body makes new cells to replace them. Chemical peels quicken this natural process.

What You Need to Know About Chemical Peels Newport Beach

The purpose of a chemical peel is to improve skin tone and texture and to erase imperfections by removing layers of damaged skin.

Don’t worry about which chemical peel you need. We will assess your skin, discuss your beauty goals and help decide which chemical peel is right for you.

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