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Restore Hair Loss with PRP Hair Therapy

We are excited to offer PRP Hair Therapy – Newport Beach. PRP therapy is now used throughout the world to help restore hair loss. It is a non-surgical approach which uses your own stem cells to regenerate and encourage growth of hair.

Why Consider PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy:

  • Over 98% success rate in restoring hair*
  • Great for hair that is thinning or falling out faster than normal
  • PRP reverses the hair cycle so the hair follicles are encouraged to grow instead of staying dormant
  • It is treatment for hair loss, not for baldness.

We recommend PRP Hair Restoration Therapy for:

  • Male pattern balding
  • Female pattern loss
  • Alopecia from scarring (bald areas)
  • Occassionally for alopecia areata

Improvements are usually seen in three to six months of the treatment.

How PRP Hair Restoration Works

Our blood contains “liquid gold” also known as platelets that are used to help heal wounds and stem excessive bleeding. We are able to harvest your platelets in a centrifuge to extract platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and use this to stimulate the hair follicles of your scalp.

Already used to treat tendon injuries and burns, the PRP contains and releases several different proteins, steroid hormones and cytokines that stimulate the healing of bone and soft tissue. Recently, medical studies found these healing capabilities can be applied to our hair using PRP!

The PRP treatment can stimulate the scalp, by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to the follicles which can result in an increase in hair growth. It can help with male and female pattern baldness and can also help thicken existing hair and encourage growth of new hair.

What to Expect in a PRP Treatment?

Upon arrival, you will check in and meet with our staff to make sure your questions are answered and you understand the procedure. The nurse will draw 30ml to 60 ml of your blood.

Next, we will process your blood using a centrifuge which separates the blood and stem cells/PRP. While your blood is being processed, your scalp will be numbed with a local anesthetic cream. You will be asked to relax while the machine completes spinning the blood. The doctor will take the PRP and inject it back into your scalp

Once finished, your scalp will be cleaned and you’ll be able to return to your day’s normal activities.

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